Religious leaders meet with President over family immigration

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While the issue of immigration reform is left to politicians to debate, the impact is felt most by the families in Miami who deal with the uncertainty of their residency on a daily basis. While many immigrants coming to the United States are in search of better opportunities, countless more are simply trying to be reunited with their families. This need to be together with those they love has led many to bypass the process of filing for family visas altogether. While this may reunite them with their loved ones, the solution is only temporary, due to the possibility that any undocumented immigrant faces of being discovered and deported.

These family immigration issues are often felt deeply in the religious community, as many of these families are devout followers of local denominations. Recently, a group of prominent leaders from these groups sat down with President Barack Obama to discuss the future of immigration reform. However, the President didn’t have much in the way of new news to offer. While he reiterated that his office could initiate reform, it was up to Congress to make any permanent changes to existing laws. That he would point out the House’s role in the process is no doubt in reference to the fact that the immigration reform bill that he approved last year is still with Congress awaiting approval.

While some may look at such news a disheartening, the fact that religious leaders are expressing their support for immigration reform may be seen as yet another method of assistance for members of their congregations dealing with family immigration issues. To find out more about religious or civic groups offering immigration support in one’s area, he or she may wish to speak with a local immigration attorney.

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