Is the President going to force the House’s hand on immigration?

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It’s been nearly one year since the news came out here in Miami and throughout the rest if the U.S. that the Senate had sent legislation to the House that was full of sweeping immigration reforms. Among the issues addressed in this bill were strengthening security at the borders, granting more work visas, and providing a pathway to citizenship for the millions of undocumented immigrants currently living in here. Yet since being sent to Congress, the bill has bogged down, with House Republicans leery that the bill could seriously increase unemployment.

Yet lost in this ongoing debate is the effect that it has had on the families who’ve seen family members deported during the Obama administration. That effect could be lessened in the immediate future, as the President has recently ordered the Department of Homeland Security to give more heed to those immigration cases that could potentially impact families. Those most likely to be affected by this mandate are those with family members who’ve already earned their citizenship or have obtained legal residency.

Even with an increased emphasis on keeping immigrant families together, a long-term solution will most likely only come from federal reform. Those who endorse the legislation currently with the House recently received some good news, as Senate Democrats said that the President plans to take action to enforce reforms if the House fails to pass new legislation before August.

While federal lawmakers continue to debate the issue on Capitol Hill, family immigration remains a concern for those worried about their loved ones being deported before reforms are past. Those looking for assistance in dealing with these issues may wish to seek the assistance of a local immigration attorney.

Source: The Hill “Schumer: Obama will act in immigration if GOP doesn’t” Alexander Bolton, May 22, 2014


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