Police error could end up sending immigrant back to China

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Even in the absence of the proposed immigration reform currently being debated on Capitol Hill, there are still a number of ways that undocumented immigrants living in Miami can find a path to permanent residency. However, attaining such rights is rarely an easy process, and one shouldn’t be surprised if he or she is made to deal with a lot of red tape or face a number of other challenges along the way. Often, one can so all that he or she is required to do, and still encounter difficulties thanks to the mistakes of others.

Such is the case currently facing a New York man who is currently facing deportation back to his native China. The man was the victim of violent beating in 2002, and his cooperation with police during the subsequent investigation qualified him for a special “U-Visa,” given to those who are the victims of violent crimes. Yet despite promising to endorse the man’s receiving this special visa, the NYPD later contacted immigration authorities saying that the visa approval had not gone through proper channels. Now, unless the man can get the current NYPD commissioner to sign off on the endorsement, he could be deported.

The man is currently suing in order to receive the benefits that he had been promised. Often in these cases, that’s the course of action required in order to give immigrants the necessary time to have their cases heard. Yet fighting such a fight can be a daunting, particularly for an undocumented immigrant. That’s why one may best be served by having an immigration attorney fight on his or her behalf. 

Source: New York Post “Illegal immigrant faces deportation after NYPD paperwork error” Julia Marsh and Cabrielle Fonrouge, May 09, 2014


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