Gay Honduran immigrant seeking asylum

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A gay man from Honduras is attempting to get to Florida to fight for asylum status claiming that he faces danger in his native country because of his sexual orientation. Although the man may face immigration penalties if he is discovered, he is willing to take the risk that he perceives as being much less than the torture that he has endured.

The 27-year-old immigrant says that he has suffered for most of his life. He recounts the story of suffering repeatedly due to his sexual orientation, including being attacked by knives during his adolescence. He also suffered verbal abuse during his formative years and has attempted to seek asylum for a decade. Honduras has a constitutional ban against same-sex marriage that has been on the books since 2005. The United Nations says that Honduras has the highest rate of homicide in the world. Additionally, violence against homosexuals has risen since 2009. Since that time, about 80 LGBT individuals have sustained torture, death or both.

The United States has permitted individuals to seek asylum based on their sexual orientation since 1994. The immigrant was permitted to stay in the country for this reason, but he was required to wear an ankle bracelet. Because the battery on the device was getting low, he was removed to Honduras. However, the man is determined to return to Florida, even if he has to do it illegally. If he has to go in front of immigration court again, his attorney will have to prove that the immigrant may be harmed if he returns to Honduras.

Individuals who feel that they are victims in their native country may be able to immigrate to the United States under asylum. An immigration attorney may be able to explain the evidence necessary to establish an asylum claim.

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