Obama’s immigration initiatives for immigrant protection

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Residents in Florida may be interested in learning more about potential lawsuits that could arise from the president’s recent immigration initiative. Over four million illegal immigrants could receive protection from deportation if the initiative is passed. The plan has been delayed after a judge was able to temporarily block the president’s efforts. One part of the program aimed to help immigrants brought to the country as children did not start on its scheduled date because the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services refused to accept any applications.

Legal permanent residents and immigrant parents of U.S. citizens may now feel in limbo as preparations for another program have been delayed. A U.S District Judge decreed that a temporary injunction would be necessary in order to prevent the situation from progressing beyond a point where new changes could not be reined in or redacted. During 2014, 26 states in the country filed lawsuits against the Obama administration. However, the president publicly disagreed with the ruling and remains adamant that he’s operating within his authority by passing the action.

Obama unveiled the two programs designed to protect illegal immigrants during November 2014. The programs would provide certain illegal immigrants with work permits and protection against deportation for three years. Texas led the series of lawsuits filed in December, claiming that the president did not have the legal authority to pass legislation that provides these individuals with legal standing for remaining in the U.S.

People who need more information about new immigration laws may benefit from consulting legal counsel. A lawyer might be able to investigate laws that pertain to an immigrant’s particular circumstances or specific situation. Legal counsel may be prepared to help immigrants with a variety of issues that may affect themselves or other family members. Lawyers may be able to help these individuals with labor certifications, naturalization or obtaining visas for business purposes.

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