Immigrants interrupt modeling shoot on Miami beach

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Immigrants who come to the country in hopes of a better life may resort to desperate measures to get here. A large number of illegal immigrants entering Florida come across the ocean. They may endure great hardships to reach the United States, including violence, illness, hunger and storms at sea. Once they reach the country, they may face persecution, intolerance and the fear of deportation before they can begin the application process to become U.S. citizens.

A recent incident in the news illustrated how some immigrants get to Florida. A woman who was shooting a video of her friend, a model, on a Miami beach was interrupted by a group of around nine men approaching the shore in a motorboat. She initially thought the men were scuba divers, until they jumped overboard when they got close to the beach and ran into the city, leaving the boat behind. It was then that the videographer realized the group were illegal immigrants.

The woman was an immigrant herself, having come into the country at age 18 from Russia to attend school. She showed a compassionate attitude toward those on the boat, saying the experience made her own challenges look small in comparison.

However, some immigration officials say that immigrant groups only consisting of men are most likely to be drug smugglers or felons who had been deported before. Refugee groups looking for help usually have women and children as well. Those who come into the country with the intent to commit illegal acts may make the immigration and naturalization process more difficult for those who are only searching for a better life.

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