A large percentage of inventors in America are immigrants

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With many immigrants coming into the country through Florida, immigration is an issue of concern for some Miami residents. They may not understand that a large portion of people born outside the United States contribute to American society and innovation in an important way.

According to Business Insider, America has the largest population of immigrant inventors than anywhere else in the world, home to 57.1 percent of the world’s foreign inventors. Why do people come to the United States to develop their ideas? As part of the classic American dream, America can offer immigrants a number of benefits, including an education, higher quality of living and the potential to greatly succeed.

Many of the immigrant inventors in America have made great contributions to science, medicine and technology, but they may face citizenship or deportation hurdles once their education is complete, states the New York Times. The results of a study by the Partnership for a New American Economy showed that immigrants are involved in over three out of four patents in notable research universities across the country. However, after graduation, many have to leave the country. One example included an Indian doctor who came to America to get his master’s degree in molecular biology. While enrolled, he helped develop a vaccine for chlamydia. Later, he experienced difficulties being able to stay in the U.S. and was stuck in India for a month because his approved visa was doubted by officials.

Many immigrants have the potential to make great contributions to American society. When they are forced out of the country, they end up taking their potential elsewhere.


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