What is humanitarian parole?

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Immigration is a topic of concern for many people in Miami; however, not every foreigner who comes to the United States does so with the intent of staying. There are some instances in which you, as a non-U.S. citizen, may apply for permission to come into the country for a brief period without a visa. You would apply for humanitarian parole if you needed to enter the country to attend to an emergency or for public interest reasons, states the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

Some of the most common reasons to obtain humanitarian parole include visiting a sick or dying relative, attending a funeral or seeking help for a medical condition that can best be provided in the United States. Applications for humanitarian parole are decided on an individual basis, and usually take at least 60 days to be approved or denied. To avoid further delays, it is recommended that you have all documents ready to support your reasons for needing to enter the country when you initially fill out the application.

There are some reasons you should not apply for humanitarian parole. If, for instance, you are already in the country, filling out the application would most likely make immigration officials suspicious that you are trying to bypass the usual immigration steps. You should also not apply for humanitarian parole if you are in the country and an adjustment of status is your goal. You might, however, apply if you are facing removal and can supply information that supports your need to be in the country temporarily for emergency purposes. Since these procedures are complex, this information should not be taken as legal advice.


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