Can your condo manager enter your property without permission?

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When you’re buying a condo or townhouse in Miami, you may not realize that under some circumstances, property managers or maintenance workers can enter your residence without your prior knowledge or permission. You will not be the only one to think that this is an invasion of privacy. However, when residences are grouped into units that connect to each other, it is sometimes necessary for personnel to enter if you aren’t available to give permission.

According to the Cooperator, many condominium association contracts require residents to provide management with a copy of their house key. Understandably, knowing a stranger may enter at any time can make some homeowners uncomfortable. If there is a safety issue while you are not at home, emergency personnel may need to enter quickly, with or without a key. Examples of this could include a gas leak or electrical problems.

Maintenance personnel may also be able to go into your unit if a problem is affecting the convenience of nearby residents, or threatens their property value. This could happen if you have a water leak that’s dripping through the walls or floor and causing a problem in a connected residence. Ideally, the property manager would first attempt to reach you before accessing your property.

Common sense should prevail in any of these cases. Property management or maintenance workers would need a good reason to enter without your permission, whether or not the situation is an emergency. You may wish to review the terms of your contract to understand which situations allow an entry into your home without prior approval. It may be possible to negotiate terms that both you and your property manager can agree with. This post should be taken as general information and should not replace the advice of a lawyer.


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