What type of visa do you need to work permanently in the U.S.?

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Like many foreign residents of Miami and elsewhere, you might want to work in the country in order to live here. Some immigrants come to the United States on a temporary basis for employment or education purposes. Others hope to gain permanent residency or citizenship by performing a valuable work service. Depending on your skills, you would need to apply for a certain type of employment visa.

According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, there are five main types of permanent employment visas available. Only about 140,000 of these visas are distributed each fiscal year for immigrants who get jobs in the country. This number includes spouses and children. This means that if you come to the country on work-related business, your immediate family members may come to live in the U.S. with you. Employment visas include the following:

  • EB-1 –for those with exceptional skills in business, management, science, art, athletics, education, research and other fields
  • EB-2 – for positions requiring advanced degrees or outstanding abilities in business, sciences or art
  • EB-3 – for skilled laborers, professionals and other positions
  • EB-4 – special positions, such as foreign service jobs, religious work or retired international executives
  • EB-5 – for businesspeople who invest $500,000 to at least $1 million in a new commercial company with 10 or more full-time American employees

You should understand that working in the United States gives you the same tax obligations as American citizens. Qualifying for an employment visa is also dependent on several factors, including the availability of U.S. citizens who could fill the desired job position. 


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