Form I-9: The Employment Eligibility Verification Form

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Ensuring that you and everyone else employed in Miami, Florida, are legally authorized to work is important to the U.S. government. To verify eligibility, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requires every employer to have new workers fill out Section 1 of the Employment Eligibility Verification Form. We at Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., Attorneys at Law are familiar with the importance of this form and how it protects your ability to work in the U.S.

Your employer has to provide you with Form I-9 after you have said you will take the job, unless you meet one of the exceptions. For example, if you are an independent contractor or you work for one, if you will not be working on U.S. soil, or if you will be providing occasional domestic labor in a private home, you are not required to fill out the first section of the form. You are also exempt if you accepted the job before Nov. 5, 1986.

While you are required to provide your Social Security Number, your employer cannot ask you for a particular document that includes that number on it. You also do not have to provide a telephone number or e-mail address. Information that must be on the form includes all names you have used, your date of birth and your full address. You must also fill in either your Form I-94 Admission Number or your Alien Registration number to prove that you are an immigrant with an employment visa. Please visit our page on immigrant visas for more information on this subject.


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