When do you need a P-1B visa?

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If you are in an entertainment group and you are planning to come to Florida from another country to perform, you may need a P-1B visa. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services states that this visa is for people who are part of an entertainment group but the group must be recognized on an international level. Considered a type of nonimmigrant worker’s visa, the P-1B will allow you to enter the country for a limited period of time.

The application process for this type of visa has two parts. One part is to collect and submit certain information. For example, you will need something in writing concerning the group’s employment of each member. You will also need to show that the group you are a member of, has been performing for the past year and on a regular basis – this will need to come from the petitioner for the visa. Additional documents required include the following:

  •          A labor organization’s consultation in writing (the organization must be connected to the type of entertainment you are involved in)
  •          Proof that your entertainment group has been nominated for or has received prizes or awards for its achievements
  •          A summary of any oral agreement concerning the performance in the U.S. or a contract copy
  •          A performance schedule, including locations and dates

If your group has not been nominated or won any awards, you can submit other kinds of evidence. The USCIS lists six other options but your group must be able to show it has met half of those options. These include media coverage of your group’s events, box office sales, the production and sale of performance materials such as CDs or videos, your salary rate is considered high due to the level of skill, and showing that your group has been a leading or starring performance.

The second part of the application process for the P-1B visa will require the filling out and submitting of the I-129 petition form by the U.S. company employing your group. The company may also need to provide an appropriate consultation from a labor group, if there is one, and it will have to pay all associated fees and costs. This information is designed to give you a general idea of what to expect on applying for the P-1B visa and should not be used for legal advice.


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