Governing documents of your HOA

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Moving into a condominium in Miami often provides you with the advantages of a homeowners’ association. Along with the positive influence this governing body has over your community, there are obligations that you will be expected to meet, as well. At Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., Attorneys at Law, we understand that reviewing the information you are given as a new member is an important part of settling into your neighborhood.

According to PS Property Management, you should review the bylaws for details about the HOA’s operating procedures. For example, this document should explain the authority of the Board of Directors, how long the individual terms last and a description of each position. The bylaws should also include voting practices and the amendment process, which may become essential when there are circumstances not addressed by the bylaws, rules and policies.

The HOA’s covenants, conditions and restrictions are often referred to as CC&Rs, or a declaration. In this document, you will find the list of your own responsibilities to the HOA. You should find information about the expectations you must fulfill regarding your own property, the use of the community property and other issues, such as the payment of dues. Although the declaration will outline the community rules, you may find others listed in the policies and amendments that provide more specificity.

A careful reading of these documents can give you a clear picture of what to expect from your new community, and the ways that you and your neighbors may benefit from the association. To learn more about homeowners’ associations, please visit our web page.


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