Immigrants seek rights of citizenship

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While some people move to Florida from other countries for temporary employment or education, others come with the intent to stay permanently. There are many steps on the path to naturalization or citizenship, though, and some people may be tempted to put it off until a later time for one reason or another. However, becoming a U.S. citizen is the only way that certain rights and responsibilities can be enjoyed.

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, it is the responsibility of all U.S. citizens to obey the laws of the country, the state and the local area where they live. They must also pay taxes. There are civic responsibilities, too, such as becoming informed on the issues, participating in the community and voting. Voting is a right as well as a responsibility, and this ability to become involved in the government appeals to many who are from countries that deny their citizens a place in the process.

The Medina-Gazette reports that many immigrants in the United States have decided that they should become citizens now so that they can participate in the upcoming presidential election. Because immigration has become such a focal issue of the election and the candidates have widely varying views on immigration reform, people are more eager now than they have been in past years to participate by voting.

There are currently 9 million people who qualify for naturalization, and many appear to be taking the opportunity now. In fact, there were 14 percent more applicants for naturalization in the second half of 2015 than there were during the same time frame during 2014. If all legal permanent residents and those who have green cards decided to become citizens, it is possible that they may have an effect on the outcome.


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