Don’t lose your green card

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Just as becoming a permanent resident in Miami and elsewhere in the United States is a process, there are things you should do to retain that status, too. This is particularly true if you plan to go abroad, as circumstances may arise that put your green card at risk. At Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., we are aware of the many documents you may use to help establish proof that your home is in this country.

According to Forbes magazine, if you are attempting to re-enter the country after more than the six-month limit, you must provide evidence that your primary residence is in the United States. In fact, this factor is pivotal to retaining your permanent residency status. Even if you have houses in more than one country, your green card depends on whether you count the one in the United States as your home.

Merely providing proof of your U.S. address may not be enough to demonstrate that you make your home in this country. So, being able to provide documentation that you also work and file taxes in the U.S. may help, as well as credit cards, a telephone number and a driver’s license from Florida or another state.

Along with these indications of your life in the U.S., you will also need to give details about why you left the country in the first place, and what made it impossible for you to return within the time limit. Both of these explanations should also demonstrate your intention to return to the United States and continue to live here. For more information about green cards, please visit our web page.


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