If your visa application is denied

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There may have been many factors you considered when making the decision to go to Florida from another country, one of which was what type of visa you were eligible to file for. If your petition or application was denied, you may now be wondering whether you will be able to live or work in the United States after all. At Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., Attorneys at Law, we have often provided legal advice to those who believed their applications were denied wrongfully.

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, you will know whether you may file an appeal based on the information provided on your visa denial notice. If so, the document will also tell you which form to use, where to file it and how much time you have to complete the process. Even though you may be able to proceed with the appeals process, you must still follow the instructions issued with the original decision, including any timelines that may have been provided.

Generally, the request for appeal must be sent to the same person who denied the original visa application. You will need to provide your reasoning for believing that the denial was not correct, as well as any additional evidence. If this is not convincing enough, the USCIS Administrative Appeals Office may still review your request further. But, if the officer determines that the information you provided is valid, the outcome may be reconsidered without that extra step. To learn more about the visa application process, please visit our web page.


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