Florida ranks third in U.S. foreclosures in June 2016

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Despite reports for several years now that Florida and the rest of the nation has been rebounding from the Great Recession, many people continue to struggle financially. Making ends meet and providing for individuals and families alike weighs heavily on the hearts and minds of countless Floridians. This can be seen in a multitude of ways, including statistics showing how many people are losing their homes due to foreclosure activity.

Looking around the nation, recently released data indicated the 10 states with the greatest number of foreclosure filings per homes owned for the month of June 2016. Florida ranked third on this list with only two states experiencing a higher foreclosure filing per homes than it. In Florida, a foreclosure filing was reported for one out of every 769 homes. The one piece of good news for Florida here is that this represents a decrease by four percent from the previous month.

The two states in the number one and number two positions were New Jersey and Maryland, respectively. In New Jersey, one out of every 510 homes received foreclosure filings. In Maryland, the number was one out of every 648. For both of these states, the foreclosure filings experienced in June 2016 represented an increase over their May numbers. For New Jersey, the increase was more than nine percent and for Maryland, the increase was over seven percent.

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