Eviction and other landlord-tenant issues

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Whether you are a landlord, tenant, homeowner or someone who is trying to sell property, handling real estate matters properly is essential. If you live in Miami-Dade, it is important to understand the laws in Florida, since they vary from one state to another. At the law firm of Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., we know how stressful and complicated legal issues involving real estate can be, especially for landlords and tenants who are dealing with eviction.

When it comes to eviction, familiarizing yourself with the laws in Florida is crucial. If you are renting an apartment or home, you must be given a notice beforehand and your landlord does not have the right to discriminate against you. On the other hand, if you are trying to evict a tenant, you should make sure that you give them a notice and follow all procedures appropriately.

Aside from eviction, there are many other challenges that landlords and tenants may struggle with. For example, you may be upset that your landlord does not abide by the terms of your rental agreement or fails to abide by their legal obligation to maintain the property and make repairs. On the other hand, you may upset with someone who is renting property you own because they have not paid rent or have damaged the property.

Regardless of the nature of your dispute, recognizing your rights and taking the right approach is paramount. On the section of our site that is devoted to real estate law, you can review more information related to a landlord-tenant dispute.


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