Florida eviction leads to violent standoff

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Eviction can be challenging for landlords and tenants alike. In Miami-Dade, and all across the state of Florida, there are a multitude of reasons why landlords no longer want tenants on the premises. However, some are unsure of whether or not they can evict tenants, while others are afraid of the possible repercussions. On the other hand, tenants who are facing eviction may be unsure of what to do next and have their entire lives turned upside down. As a result, it is vital for people who are struggling with stress related to eviction to review their rights and carefully assess the situation.

A Florida man apparently made the decision to become violent after he was evicted, according to law enforcement officials in Pinellas County. Authorities claim that the man was identified in an alley with a rifle as well as a handgun before opening fire. While the man missed a law enforcement official, a neighbor was seriously hurt after being struck by gunfire.

Officials say that the man reportedly fired shots at three neighbors in St. Petersburg before he was shot in the arm and torso by a law enforcement official. The man, who was transported to the hospital, is facing a number of charges inlcuding attempted murder.

Whether a landlord tries to evict a tenant unlawfully or someone who is renting a home decides to violate the terms of the agreement, legal matters related to rental contracts must be addressed right away. Although some people have a difficult time making sense of real estate law, consulting an attorney who has experience with these types of cases could be very helpful.

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