Florida programs provide assistance to refugees

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As a refugee, moving from your home country to Florida to escape a bad situation may have eliminated one set of problems from your life. However, the nature of your situation may have made it difficult to prepare for your new life in the United States. At Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., we often advise new immigrants about the resources that are available to them because of their refugee status.

Finding a job may be one of your first concerns, since this step often precedes the ability to find a home. The Florida Department of Children and Families has a Refugee Services Program that includes assistance with employment. If you are struggling because of a communication barrier, you may take advantage of language classes to overcome this obstacle. If you entered the country fewer than five years ago, you may qualify for services that help you identify the type of employment you are suited for, as well as providing education and training you may need, and even placing you with an employer.

During the first eight months after your arrival, while you are taking the steps to support yourself and any family members who are with you, there may be financial assistance available to you through one of a number of different sources. Child care is often an option, as well, and you and your family may qualify for medical services.

Over 2,000 immigrants who move to Florida each year may qualify for these and other services provided by the state. More information about resources available to immigrants is available on our web page.


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