Florida woman kicked out of home due to foreclosure

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Over the past several months, information has surfaced which reveals the significant number of foreclosures in Florida. Unfortunately, there are untold stories that are not reflected in the foreclosure rate in Miami-Dade County, and across the state. Even though there may be fewer foreclosures in the area in comparison to previous years, there are still a large number of Floridians dealing with this stressful issue who are unsure of how their future will unfold.

A teacher’s assistant from Jacksonville recently learned that she would no longer be able to live in the home she was renting because it was in foreclosure. Although the rental had been facing foreclosure since 2015, the woman said that she did not realize its status.

In early October, the woman was given a letter from an attorney with the mortgage company instructing her to leave the premises. The woman, who has four children, said that she will need to look for a home.

When a homeowner or renter realizes that foreclosure is inevitable, they may have a number of concerns and even be unsure of which steps to take next. However, it is vital for people in this position to identify the best course of action and address their circumstances at once. For many, reaching out to an experienced legal professional is very beneficial and can help provide them with a better understanding of their different options. After all, losing a home can turn life upside down in many ways and is often extremely challenging, especially for those who have children.

Source: First Coast News, “Jacksonville family forced to move after learning rental was in foreclosure,” Kenneth Amaro, Oct. 26, 2016


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