When an immigrant is eligible for a federal government job

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Finding employment in Florida is a concern for U.S. citizens and many foreign nationals alike. Some jobs are available to anyone who goes through the correct channels to apply and has the qualifications to fulfill all the duties the job requires. Monster.com explains that this may include individual immigrants who have been approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, as well as those who belong to a specific class that has been authorized by the Department of Homeland Security.

According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, some non-citizens cannot fill certain roles within the federal government because the funds used to pay those wages are appropriated by Congress for U.S. citizens. There are exceptions for certain temporary workers, such as translators, those who are hired by certain federal agencies as firefighters for up to 120 days, as well as for those who are employed in field service due to an emergency, although these are limited to fewer than 60 days. U.S. nationals may also be eligible to be paid with appropriated funds.

Competitive service jobs are typically only available to U.S. citizens and nationals. However, Executive Order 11935 does outline one exception for those who are permitted by immigration law to work in the United States, and are not prohibited by the appropriations act mentioned above. This type of employment is open to these non-citizens if the agency does not have a qualified U.S. citizen who may fill the position. However, there is no opportunity for advancement for this employee, unless there is another job within the agency that also has no qualified citizen applicant to fill it.


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