Florida condominium owners refuse to sell unit

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Sometimes, condominium disputes are particularly challenging. For example, a developer may be unable to raze condos to make way for new units or a family may be worried about losing a place they have called home for many years. In Miami-Dade, it is crucial for people who are in this position to familiarize themselves with the laws in Florida and determine the smartest approach. By handling a condominium dispute appropriately, condo owners could secure a more favorable outcome.

After purchasing condominium units, a contractor has bulldozed almost all of the condominium development. However, one unit remains because the family living in it has refused offers from the contractor. Around their condominium, the contractor has razed other units, a spa, a tennis court as well as trees. In fact, the family was offered $150,000 to sell their condo, according to the timeshare company trying to buy the unit.

However, the family has turned down offers and continues to use the condo, which they have owned for over three decades. A lawyer representing the family said that they may head to court over the two-bedroom unit, which is located in tourist district of Orlando.

Whether the owner of a condo unit wants to address violations of building codes or a community association wishes to make changes to their contract, legal issues involving condos can be complicated. By discussing the details of the situation with an attorney who is well-versed in this area of law, those who are in the middle of a condo dispute may gain a better idea of their options.

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