Immigration and domestic violence

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From financial concerns to starting a job and adjusting to daily life in a new country, immigrants may experience stress for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, some immigrants in Miami-Dade and other Florida counties have become victims domestic violence, which often makes immigration far more challenging. To make matters worse, many are unaware of their rights and do not address domestic violence appropriately.

Domestic violence takes various forms, according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. In addition to sexual assault and physical abuse, domestic violence may also include financial abuse and threats related to immigration matters. In the U.S., domestic violence victims are protected by law even if they are not a U.S. citizen and without regard to their immigration status. From filing a divorce to obtaining a restraining order, there are many ways that immigrants can address domestic violence in this country.

Those who have been subjected to domestic violence are also able to file immigrant visa petitions, according to the USCIS. In fact, parents, children and spouses who have experienced abuse can file petitions on their own without the perpetrator’s awareness. As a result, those who are experiencing any form of domestic violence should not feel trapped and should explore their options. However, certain conditions apply and there are time limitations, which highlights the importance of taking action right away. Although some immigrants are concerned about the potential consequences of coming forward, it is vital for victims to stand up for their rights and put an end to abuse.


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