Motel tenants expect eviction notices

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Whether a landlord is struggling with difficult tenants or those renting a home or apartment are being asked to leave over the owner’s foreclosure, evictions can be incredibly stressful for people on both sides. In Miami-Dade, and other parts of Florida, it is critical for anyone who is in the middle of an eviction-related dispute to closely analyze the details of their circumstances and make sure their rights are not trampled on.

Dozens of people who have been living in an extended stay motel are awaiting eviction notices after the motel’s owner failed to make mortgage payments. While some have already left the premises, many remain because they do not have anywhere else to stay. According to one resident, weekly rent cost up to $250 and some residents had already paid for the following week.

The residents, who still have electricity, want an official representative to deliver their eviction notices. Initially, those living at the motel were told to be ready to leave in the next 24 hours. However, a lawyer who represents the bank said that it is planning on giving motel residents 30 days to find new places to live.

Any type of real estate dispute can be stressful, but those which involve someone’s home are often particularly challenging. For people who are facing these challenges, minimizing conflict and working toward a positive outcome is vital. Sometimes, making sense of relevant laws can be tricky and people who are dealing with problems stemming from an eviction could benefit from talking to an experienced legal professional.

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