Report finds that immigration agency made thousands of mistakes

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Whether someone is applying for a green card or they are already a permanent resident in the U.S., a number of challenges may arise. For example, someone may have their application denied or even delayed because of paperwork errors that were not their fault. In Miami-Dade, Florida, and across the nation, it is crucial for those who are submitting any type of immigration-related application to ensure that the information they provide is accurate to avoid complications.

A report that was recently released by the Department of Homeland Security reveals that thousands of mistakes were made by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The report states that the USCIS issued no less than 19,000 green cards which were duplicates or had inaccurate information over the past few years. Moreover, the agency stated that it had over 200,000 reports of people who had been approved for green cards not receiving their cards.

The report also stated that these mistakes were much worse than previously thought. In fact, it claims that over 2,400 immigrants received cards that were valid for a 10-year period even though they were only approved for two years. However, the report was criticized by a director for the USCIS, who said that it was imprecise.

Applying for a green card can be incredibly stressful. After all, the approval or denial of an application can change the entire course of someone’s life. As a result, those who have questions or concerns regarding immigration may want to reach out to a qualified legal professional for assistance.

Source: The New York Times, “Agency’s Green Card Errors Said to Be Worse Than First Thought,” Ron Nixon, Nov. 21, 2016


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