Employment Immigration and discrimination

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According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, employers are prohibited from discriminating against staff on the basis of their immigration or citizenship status. Regrettably, many workers have experienced illegal discrimination in Miami-Dade, and across the country. At Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., we firmly believe that workplace discrimination is unacceptable and those who violate the law must be held responsible.

Employers are required to treat all employees equally during various aspects of the employment process. For example, an immigrant cannot be discriminated against during the application process or while a manger is conducting a job interview, making hiring decisions or deciding to terminate an employee’s position. If you suspect that your employer has subjected you to any form of unlawful discrimination, you should not be afraid to stand up for your employee rights.

Depending on the details of what you have been through, you may want to think about filing a claim and should make sure that whoever broke the law is held responsible. Unfortunately, some workers are afraid to come forward because they fear that they will lose their job for speaking out. Additionally, some people who are discriminated against are not aware of their rights and do not even realize that laws have been broken.

When discrimination takes place, it can have a major impact on employees and their family members as well. Unfortunately, this problem is all too common throughout the country and must be stamped out. If you head over to our immigrant visas page, you can read more on immigration and employment.


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