Animal bites and other issues landlords encounter

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If you have tenants, you may run into a number of problems, such as a tenant’s failure to pay rent on time or damage to the property you own. At Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, we are also aware of other stressful matters that landlords may find themselves in the middle of, such as animal bites. In Miami-Dade, it is important for landlords in this position to review their rights and responsibilities under Florida law.

When it comes to animal bites, such as a dog biting a child, there may be serious consequences. For example, the family of the victim may decide to take legal action. Under these circumstances, every case is unique and a variety of details may have an impact on the outcome of the case. For example, a landlord may not even realize that his or her tenants even owned a dog and may not be held responsible for an attack. On the other hand, a landlord may have actually taken care of a dog or known beforehand that the dog posed a potential risk to others and should have been removed from the premises. If this is true, landlords may find themselves facing serious consequences over a tenant’s animal.

When it comes to real estate issues, both landlords and those who rent a home or apartment should do everything they can to prevent these types of challenges. If you head over to our page on real estate law, you can access more information on the topic of landlord and tenant disputes.


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