Florida landlords accused of discriminating against children

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This blog has outlined some of the different hurdles that landlords may encounter when attempting to rent a home, apartment or condo. For example, landlords in Miami may have a wide variety of problems with tenants, from the non-payment of rent to eviction. However, there are other considerations that people should familiarize themselves with when it comes to renting property, such as discrimination. Landlords who discriminate against tenants for a number of reasons may find themselves facing harsh consequences, including legal action and costly financial penalties.

In Florida, 60 lawsuits were recently filed against those who owned rental homes. The lawsuits, which were filed by four people, accuse the landlords of discriminating against prospective tenants who had children. Under the Fair Housing Act, landlords are not allowed to bar tenants from renting because they have children.

However, a number of landlords are accused of running advertisements that explicitly prohibit prospective tenants who have children. One woman, who said that children under three years old were not allowed when she was trying to rent her condo, settled for $5,000. Since discriminating against tenants with children is against the law, landlords are encouraged to avoid discussing the topic of children in advertisements.

Whether a landlord has been accused of discrimination or is going through any other legal issue related to their rental property, finding the best course of action is pivotal. Since each case is unique, it is important for landlords to take a look at the individual details of their circumstances. For some, going over their affairs with a legal professional who has dealt with these types of cases may be an excellent idea.

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