Florida tenant accused of starting fire in building

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Landlords and tenants may have disputes over a myriad of matters, from the cost of rent to outdoor maintenance and the terms of a rental agreement. Unfortunately, when disputes between a landlord and tenant in Miami-Dade are not handled properly, the consequences can be devastating for both parties. Whether a tenant is evicted with nowhere to go or a landlord’s Florida property is damaged, each side may have their lives upended over these types of disputes.

In Melbourne, the fire department recently received a call just before 7 p.m., informing them of an apartment building that was on fire. Officials accuse a 26-year-old woman of starting the fire, which prompted authorities to evacuate others from the complex. According to eyewitnesses, the woman left her unit when the blaze began and did not seek out assistance. Shortly thereafter, law enforcement officials took her into custody at a subdivision in the area.

The woman is facing arson charges over the incident and has also been charged with resisting arrest. In place of $15,500 bail, the woman the woman was being held at a detention center in Brevard County. At this time, the woman’s motive for starting the fire has not been revealed.

Whether a landlord is accused of failing to fulfill their obligations or a tenant refuses to pay rent, it is vital for those who are struggling with a landlord/tenant dispute to examine their options and carefully address the standoff. Sometimes, discussing the details of the dispute with a knowledgeable legal professional is beneficial.

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