Assisted living residents in Florida say they were told to leave

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On this blog, various examples of disputes between landlords and tenants have been posted. However, it is important to recognize the diverse nature of some of these disputes, which sometimes lead to legal action. In Miami-Dade, landlords and tenants alike may find themselves falsely accused of an offense. Under these circumstances, it is vital for people to familiarize themselves with real estate law and carefully present their side of the story if they have to head to court.

A number of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s were reportedly told that they had to leave the assisted living facility they were staying at. Although court records show that there was an eviction filing by the facility’s landlord in February, the facility’s patients claim that they were not informed of the eviction beforehand and were only given 36 hours notice.

Because of the eviction notice, a nearby assisted living facility claims to have taken in eight residents who were evicted. According to one woman, whose mother-in-law had to leave the facility, the assisted living facility is being investigated by the Florida Department of Children and Families, among additional agencies.

From eviction to non-payment of rent and other matters, disputes between property owners and those who are renting the property come in a plethora of forms. Sometimes, people involved in a real estate dispute are unsure of their rights or the options they have. As a result, speaking with a legal professional who possesses a solid understanding of the law may be a wise move.

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