Florida man evicted due to pets he owned

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This blog has covered a variety of reasons why evictions occur, such as back rent and disrupting the peace. However, it is important for landlords and tenants to remember that evictions may happen as a result of other factors, such as pets which are considered a nuisance. In Miami-Dade, and communities in other Florida regions, there are times when landlords may have to make tough decisions, which generate an array of problems for tenants. For those on both sides, understanding and abiding by the law is vital.

A Florida man was recently evicted from a trailer park he was living in because of the cats he owned. According to the 89-year-old man, he had four cats and was informed that he needed to find a new home for them. That said, some of his neighbors claimed that he would offer food to stray cats. One neighbor stated that the man was feeding between 20 and 30 cats at one time.

As a result, the man was given an eviction notice and he left the trailer park he had lived in over the course of four years. According to the man, who had a friend help him move out, the landlord told him he would not have to leave if he paid $2,500.

Handling any type of real estate dispute can be stressful and emotional for both parties. Moreover, these scenarios can have a significant impact on the lives of landlords and tenants, which underlines how important it is to handle disputes appropriately. People struggling with this may find value in discussing their experiences with an attorney.

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