Politician evicted from Florida property

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When it comes to evictions, people from a wide variety of backgrounds may find themselves in a difficult position. On the one hand, tenants who are low-income or have a high profile may be in a very tough situation, one which they never saw coming. At the same time, landlords in Miami-Dade and elsewhere in the state may be forced to make a hard decision and evict a tenant for any number of reasons, from the non-payment of monthly rent to controversies and the concerns of other tenants.

A politician was recently evicted from his Florida property near the Bridgeport Center in Tampa. A source claims that the eviction stems from loud protests that had been taking place near the building. According to the president of the company which owns the property, the demonstrations raised security concerns and go against the interests of the building.

While the company’s president said that the protests created a negative environment for other tenants in the building, he also said that the decision to evict the politician was not political in nature. The offices of the politician, a senator, said that they are searching for another place to rent in the Tampa Bay region. The senator also rents property in several other parts of Florida, including Miami, Orlando and Jacksonville, among others.

For landlords who are struggling with eviction, understanding their rights and pinpointing the most appropriate course of action is paramount. Sometimes, understanding real estate law can seem daunting, which is why speaking with a legal professional may be a wise choice.

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