Dealing with a noisy tenant

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If you are a landlord, you may encounter a number of challenges with regard to your tenants. Perhaps a tenant refuses to pay rent, leaving you with financial struggles. Or, a tenant may damage your property. In Miami-Dade, and in other cities around Florida, some landlords may be unsure of how to handle a tenant who is too loud and creates disturbances for neighbors or other people in the apartment complex. At Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, we know all too well how difficult it often is to be a landlord who is going through this firsthand.

When it comes to dealing with noisy tenants, you should first have a solid understanding of your rights and carefully address the situation. In some cases, landlords are able to convince their tenants to stop the disturbances without taking any further action. However, if your tenant continues to disturb the peace and others are complaining, you may need to take additional measures to resolve the problem. In fact, it could become necessary to evict the tenant.

As a landlord, evicting tenants can be tough for numerous reasons. Sometimes, landlords feel guilty, while others are not sure of where the law stands on the matter. It is essential to make sure that you familiarize yourself with real estate law and attempt to resolve the dispute with your tenant peacefully, if that is possible.

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