Handling immigration issues post-election

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If you have recently moved to the U.S., or are hoping to immigrate in the near future, an array of concerns may be on your mind. At Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, our firm knows firsthand how difficult thees matters can be for immigrants, prospective immigrants and their loved ones in Miami, Florida, and cities across the entire country. Furthermore, some of them have concerns following the recent presidential election.

After the election, certain immigrants and their family members may have changed plans or decided to postpone immigrating. For example, the ban on travel from certain countries impacted people who were attempting to visit the U.S. as students, workers or even tourists. Furthermore, immigration matters may change in other ways in the months and years to come, which highlights how important it is for you to stay current on laws related to immigration in the U.S. Sometimes, making sense of these regulations can be challenging, especially for those who are short on time or are not very familiar with immigration law.

When it comes to all types of immigration-related problems, finding answers and working towards a positive outcome is imperative. However, each case is unique and options that are available to some people may not be available to others. As a result, you should assess the individual details of your personal circumstances in order to figure out which steps you will need to take.

If you navigate through our web page on immigrant visas, you can access even more information on various immigration issues.


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