Tenant charged over damage to rental

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On this blog, many different types of disputes between landlords and tenants have been addressed. Sometimes, a landlord may be unable to contact his or her tenant and have no idea of how to handle the situation. However, it is very important for landlords in Miami and in communities all over Florida to stand firm for their rights and protect the rental property they own.

A landlord in New York said that he was disgusted by the conditions of a property he was renting out after he stopped in to take a look around. The landlord, who claims that he visited the property after the tenant failed to respond to his messages, allegedly found the basement flooded as well as feces and urine from several animals that were left inside the building. The tenant is now facing charges over this behavior.

According to the landlord, who said he had to let himself into the premises through a rear entry, the family had not responded for months. On the inside of the property, which also had its power shut off due to non-payment, two dogs as well as two cats were reportedly found unattended. The landlord intends to find new tenants in the coming weeks.

Handling a dispute with tenants can be tough for many reasons. As a landlord, some people may find a lack of support or be unsure of how to handle the difficulties they are facing. However, these challenges can spiral out of control and some have found value in talking to an attorney who has dealt with these cases before.

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