Florida renters warned of scam

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Each day, landlords and tenants encounter all sorts of different issues. Sometimes, the matters are so serious that legal action becomes necessary. For some, this can be especially complicated and generate a great deal of anxiety. For example, landlords in Miami may be worried about what will happen to their property, while tenants may be worried about where they will move next. For both, financial issues can be a major concern.

A scam affecting tenants as well as property owners has been sweeping Florida. According to one man, who owns property, numerous calls were coming in regarding his property even though he did not list it for rent. After looking into the matter, the man allegedly found photos of his home online, where the property was listed for rent.

However, a scam artist was behind the false rental listing. Unfortunately, prospective renters in South Florida have fallen victim to the scheme, paying security deposits for property that is not even for rent to people who are not landlords. One realtor warns those looking for rentals to be vigilant. Unfortunately, this case still has not moved ahead even though it has been reported to law enforcement officials.

Fortunately, people who carefully approach these matters have been able to find a positive resolution. For anyone who is losing sleep or worried about the potential outcome of a real estate dispute, reaching out to a legal professional who knows how to work through these types of cases could be an excellent way to find the correct approach.

Source: CBS Miami, “Online Rental Scam Costing South Floridians Thousands Of Dollars,” David Sutta, May 23, 2017


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