Landlord’s failure to pay bill leaves many without housing

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Landlords frequently face problems related to their rentals. Sometimes, they are at fault, while other cases involve tenants wrongfully accusing the landlord of wrongdoing. Unfortunately, disputes between tenants and landlords can be especially complicated and may result in serious consequences for both parties. In Miami, Florida, tenants may not be able to stay at the property any longer and could have difficulty finding new housing, while landlords may face financial problems and other challenges.

A landlord from New Jersey has caused dozens of tenants without housing due to his failure to pay a bill. The bill, which was a $17,000 water bill, prompted officials in Newark to shut the building down. The landlord is also struggling with a pair of liens equaling $300,000 and is scheduled to appear in court.

When officials evicted the tenants who were staying in the building, they also apparently discovered violations. In addition to the delinquent water bill, officials reportedly found problems with the storage of waste and plumbing. To make matters worse, some of the tenants do not have receipts for paying rent.

When it comes to resolving a landlord-tenant dispute, remaining calm and closely assessing the unique details of the case is pivotal. However, people on both sides may not be sure of their rights, familiar with the law or comfortable in the courtroom. To help get a clearer picture of their options and the correct way to handle the case, some people have opted to speak with an attorney regarding rental disputes.

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