Tenant evicted from Florida home over toys

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From bothering neighbors and disrupting peace to dangerous dogs and other potential hazards, there are many reasons why landlords decide to evict tenants in Florida. In Miami-Dade, and in all other parts of the state, landlords who are concerned about their tenants posing a risk to the safety of others or the rental property should take a careful look at any of their options. Unfortunately, some landlords do not take action until it is too late and something goes wrong.

A 73-year-old woman was recently evicted from her Florida home due to her massive toy collection. In fact, the woman received an eviction notice following her landlord’s surprise inspection, where her toy collection was deemed a potential fire hazard.

The woman, who was living in Jacksonville, had a significant collection of stuffed toys. She had been renting the apartment for 12 years and will need to find a new place to stay. Furthermore, the evicted tenant said that she will bring her toys with her to wherever she relocates to next. The toy collection spanned across multiple rooms in the apartment.

Handling a dispute with a tenant can be very challenging. Sometimes, landlords may feel as if they do not have the ability to evict a tenant, or they are unsure where to begin and have no familiarity with the eviction process. For any landlord who is struggling with this on a personal level, speaking with an attorney who has worked through these types of cases could be a smart move.

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