Woman sues Florida apartment complex

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Landlords may find themselves in court for any number of reasons. Regrettably, some tenants decide to take action against those who own the house or apartment they live in even though the landlord was not responsible for what they have endured. In Miami, landlords who find themselves in this position should be very careful as they handle their dispute with a tenant. After all, the outcome can have serious ramifications.

A woman recently took legal action against an apartment complex in Florida over allegations that she fell down after slipping on a grassy surface. In her complaint, the woman says that she suffered a number of setbacks as a result of the incident, including mental trauma, lost earnings, medical costs and serious injuries. She believes that the company which owns the apartment she lives in failed to alert her of the dangers and keep the premises safe.

Moreover, the tenant said that she fell down due to a light which was not working correctly. The woman’s complaint says that she fell down after walking on a sunken place in grass while returning from the mailroom. Moreover, she is asking for the defendant to pay for her legal costs, damages and interest.

Working through the legal system may be stressful for some landlords, especially those who feel that their tenant has taken legal action on false grounds. However, it is essential for landlords to know their rights. In fact, going over the details of the situation with an attorney could be very helpful.

Source: Florida Record, “Coral Springs tenant alleges grassy area caused fall,” Jenie Mallari-Torres, June 5, 2017


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