Back rent reportedly leads to Florida assault

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For those who are struggling with a tenant that misses rent payments, it can be difficult trying to figure out how to handle the situation. Sometimes, emotions run high and landlords become very upset about back rent, which is understandable since missed rent payments can lead to serious financial difficulties and generate a great deal of anxiety. However, in Miami-Dade, and across all cities in Florida, landlords who are struggling with these issues should do their best to work things out properly and avoid additional complications.

According to an eyewitness, a man was seen hitting someone who had fallen behind on their rent in Florida. An arrest report from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office states that the tenant was suffering from disorientation and had a bloody nose following the incident.

The suspected attacker was apparently able to run away before law enforcement officials arrived at the scene. The man, who was 28 years old, reportedly struck the tenant in the face because he had failed to make rent payments to his father, who has passed away. The alleged attacker is now facing battery charges.

Sometimes, landlords who have difficult tenants are able to resolve their problems by taking legal action. Making sense of landlord-tenant law can be tough, especially for those who may not have an intimate understanding of the legal system. However, they may find that talking about their circumstances with a legal professional could help them find a clearer understanding of what to do next. If possible, landlords should try to avoid additional challenges when working through these issues.

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