Evicting a tenant due to unlawful drug activity

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Landlords encounter many different challenges, some of which have been discussed on this blog. If you rent a home or an apartment to tenants in Miami, you may face non-payment of rent, lease violations, and many other difficulties. However, it may also become necessary to evict a tenant over drug-related activity that is against the law.

There are various types of drug offenses that may warrant an eviction. For example, a tenant may be manufacturing drugs on the premises or selling illegal drugs from a rental unit. Or, a tenant may simply be in possession of illegal drugs. For example, a landlord may stop by and notice that his or her tenant is in possession of unlawful substances. When it comes to drug offenses, there are various reasons why landlords may wish to evict tenants. Whether they are worried about illegal activity taking place on the property they own or fear that their property will be damaged due to the tenant’s behavior, it is important to address these concerns right away.

Fortunately, many landlords who find themselves in this position are able to take action and move forward with their lives. Depending on the nature of the drug-related offense, it may be possible to evict a tenant in a short period of time. As with all real estate issues involving tenants and eviction, it is pivotal for you to know your legal rights and act carefully.

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