Employment immigration fraud situation ends in guilty plea

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Many Florida companies hire immigrant workers from various countries of origin. U.S. immigration law is very specific when it comes to the rules regarding entering the United States to secure gainful employment. U.S. employers are also bound by strict protocol regarding applications for work visas and hiring non-citizen employees. An employer in another state has pleaded guilty to employment immigration fraud.

The man works as an executive who hires airline mechanics. He reportedly falsified documents used to secure green cards for some of his workers. The 45-year-old employer pleaded guilty to accepting over a half million dollars from approximately 85 immigrants as payment for helping them obtain permanent residency statuses.

On the workers’ applications, the man had written that he had not received any payments for sponsoring green cards. Immigration officials say the man used some of the money paid to him to cover fees associated with work visa applications. He is also said to have personally profited from the fraudulent scheme by hiding money in his wife’s bank account.

Immigrants cannot pay for residency statuses. Employers are at risk for employment immigration fraud charges when they violate U.S. immigration law regarding such matters. Not only is this type of behavior illegal, it also harms many immigrants who fall victim to such schemes and lose their opportunities to live and work in the United States. Any Florida immigrant facing a current problem related to the issue may request assistance by contacting an immigration and naturalization law attorney in the area.

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