Federal court steps in to resolve foreclosure issues

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Most Florida residents have either personally experienced financial struggles during the economic crisis in recent years or know someone who has or is still fighting to restore financial stability. For many, foreclosure is high on the list of worries with lenders threatening to take ownership of their homes due to unsatisfied mortgage debts. Some have already lost their homes, including a couple in another state who has been involved in litigation for seven years now due to what they claim were unfair fees and added costs associated with their situation.

The couple reportedly defaulted twice on two mortgages on the same home. As others have also been able to do through various debt relief options, the couple was able to pay off both loans. They later filed a lawsuit concerning a slew of legal fees and added costs they say were unjustly charged against them.

The couple says the situation was very confusing, and at one point it was difficult to determine which lender held their mortgages. So far as they understood, Wells Fargo held both mortgages. There’s a lawsuit on record, however, that this lender filed against another company for holding one of the mortgages while at the same time charging the couple for court costs associated with the issue.

The battle has shifted to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit where the couple is fighting an earlier summary judgment. The couple’s attorney says a clear answer has still not been given regarding the legal fees and court costs. This couple is not the only one facing hidden fees and cost problems in foreclosure. Anyone in Florida who wishes to file an appeal to an existing court ruling or has questions regarding a particular situation can seek immediate guidance from an experienced real estate attorney.

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