From football to foreclosure: Former player facing dire situation

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Many Florida readers may be NFL fans who are familiar with Lance Briggs. A former linebacker, Briggs is currently facing an unfortunate financial situation that just seems to keep getting worse. A lender has filed a foreclosure on a six bedroom mansion owned by Briggs, which appears to be only one of a slew of problems.

The mansion sits on an acre of property and was purchased by Briggs in 2008 for $2.3 million. A year later, he reportedly took out a $1.72 million mortgage on the home. In July of this year, the lender initiated foreclosure proceedings against the property. The house came back on the market that same month, after having been taken off a few months earlier.

The former Chicago Bears lineman also seems to having problems with his neighbor. The man who lives next door said he is currently involved in litigation with Briggs regarding a drainage issue that has supposedly affected his property. He says the issue will need to be resolved because no one will buy Briggs’ house until it is.

Briggs is said to be the owner of another home that also happens to be the subject of litigation. The retired NFL player is certainly not the first person to face foreclosure or problems with neighbors. In fact, there may be Florida residents facing similar issues at this time. If so, a real estate law attorney can help determine the most viable options for avoiding foreclosure and rectifying any other legal problems associated with their properties.

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