Real estate disputes often take a long time to resolve

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A couple that lives in another state began building their home a handful of years ago. Included on their property was a little strip of land, leading to a river. Many local folks would come and go along the trail, as this particular river spot was a prime fishing area. A string of real estate disputes arose that may interest Florida readers currently facing similar problems.

The man and his wife say they didn’t mind that people came there to fish, as local lore says others had been doing the same for thousands of years. What they did have a problem with, however, is that the people going to the river nowadays to fish were traveling by pickup truck, not as pedestrians. The couple put up a sign that said people were welcome, but not vehicles — that is, unless a vehicle was being used to transport an elderly or disabled person.

The sign apparently did not solve the problem, and the situation led to litigation. Alaska law (which is where the events occurred) states that, if someone accesses a trail or roadway without permission for an entire decade, an easement is created, meaning there is a right-of-way in place for people to continue to use the land. This type of law can be quite complex and difficult for the average person to understand.

Those facing real estate disputes in Florida can remove some of their own burdens by allowing experienced attorneys to act on their behalves in court. It’s impossible to predict an outcome; however, an experienced attorney usually has a good idea of what types of strategies may have the best chance of accomplishing a client’s end goal. An attorney is also well-versed in state property laws and can likely answer (or find the answer to) any questions regarding a particular dispute.

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