Court will soon weigh in on real estate disputes in Florida

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A heated debate has arisen in Florida regarding a mansion once owned by a prominent attorney. He died in 2008 after placing his estate in a trust. The beneficiary of the trust happens to be the attorney’s widow. Her daughter is the one who has prompted real estate disputes surrounding the home’s recent listing as available for sale on the housing market.

The trustees are selling the palatial home for $46 million. Until some time in spring of this year, the daughter of the attorney’s widow was actually living in the house. She is reportedly trying to stop the sale of the home, saying it is not in her mother’s best interests.

The trustees claim they are within their legal right to sell the house and do not intend to take it off the market unless ordered by the court to do so. In fact, they filed a petition in April of this year to confirm their right to sell the mansion.  The home has seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms and also boasts two swimming pools and a private boating dock.

Whether the 24,000 square foot Florida property, built in 1923, will be sold by trustees at the asking price remains to be seen. Real estate disputes like this one often fuel tempers on both sides. However, if care is taken when a trust is formed to include thorough instructions and legal rights, such problems should be easy enough to resolve. It’s always best to consult with a real estate law attorney if a particular concern needs addressed.

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