Foreclosure might not have to be the ultimate outcome

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The high cost of living in Florida sometimes poses a challenge to the average family trying to make ends meet. Even with two spouses earning full-time incomes, there may be little to no extra funds once living expenses and bills are met. Especially where parents are raising two or more children, financial problems can quickly get out of hand, leading to foreclosure threats and necessitating immediate debt relief assistance.

It often takes married couples years before they can own their first home. Many are not able to pay off their mortgages until they near their golden years. If a lender is threatening to take ownership of a couple’s home, they may wonder whether any options exist to stop the process.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney would be a great person to turn to in such circumstances. Not only is an attorney well-versed in state or federal laws that may impact a particular situation, an attorney can also advocate on behalf of a homeowner if an issue leads to litigation. In fact, many problems are more swiftly resolved when an experienced attorney represents a homeowner in court.

Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., helps Florida residents facing foreclosure or other existing debt-related problems. If you’re facing a significant financial crisis, it may help to remember that you are definitely not the first person in this state to do so. Financial trouble can be overcome. With access to appropriate resources and experienced assistance, you can get your financial life back on track and secure a plan for a financially stable future.


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