U.S. permanent residency to be featured in new video series

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Florida is a hub of immigration activity. Millions of residents earn income through immigrant-owned businesses throughout the state. A new video series is ready to launch that features topics, such as U.S. permanent residency and other issues pertinent to building new lives in America as new arrivals from other countries of origin.

Some may be surprised to learn that more than 300,000 businesses in this state are owned and run by immigrants. Thus, those who closely follow current immigration events understand that foreign-born residents are among the greatest contributors to the state’s economy, and numbers are continuing to increase. In fact, many U.S. citizens by birth make their livings in immigrant-owned businesses.

One of the first episodes of the new series features young adults who qualified as Dreamers under the former DACA program. Since its inception, however, the new presidential administration has announced its plans to rescind the program. Now, nearly a million DACA-eligible recipients will be at risk for deportation, which may include many Florida-based business owners or potential entrepreneurs.

One young woman whose story is told in the video series says she is currently working on her Bachelor’s degree and owns an organic housecleaning business. She was brought to the United States at the tender age of 4 and is worried that she’ll be torn apart from her family and will never see her U.S.-born sister again if she is deported. This business owner is likely not the only one in the film, nor in Florida, who is worried about law changes or U.S. permanent residency issues. An immigration attorney is fully prepared to assist any immigrant facing challenges within the system.

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