Former Florida mayor entangled in real estate disputes

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A former Florida mayor is once again in trouble with the law. He was already serving probation for an unrelated matter when new allegations arose against him. The person who has accused him of wrongdoing is reportedly a friend and business partner of his. This person has launched real estate disputes, saying he was ripped off $150,000 when the ex-civic official kept money the partner had given him to invest in the development of a particular property.

The man’s accuser said the real estate deal in which they were partners did not pan out. Supposedly, instead of giving the partner back his money, the former mayor reinvested it in personal ventures and pocketed a substantial amount as well. Law enforcement agents arrested the former politician, and he is now in jail. His wife, a country circuit court judge, unabashedly professed that she believes her husband is innocent of all charges against him.

The judge was said to have been involved in the proposed real estate deal. She has not been implicated in any way regarding the alleged misuse of investment funds her husband is accused of committing. The probation the former mayor was serving at the time of his recent arrest is related to conviction of misappropriation of campaign funds in his former career.

Florida real estate disputes over personal investments can be highly emotionally charged, especially when people who were once close friends become pitted against each other. Generally speaking, the swiftest and easiest way to resolve such problems is to enlist the help of an experienced real estate law attorney. Such situations often lead to criminal charges but may also lead to civil litigation if a private investor sues a particular party for personal injury.

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